Darrell bye - Director of Recovery Ministries

Darrell Bye is the Director of Celebrate Recovery for Willow Bend. Darrell has been involved with Celebrate Recovery since 2002 and began attending WB’s CR in 2005; he has been serving as the director since 2006 and in 2008 was ordained as a minister of the Gospel by Willow Bend Church. Darrell is celebrating recovery from a 46 year sexual addiction and has extensive recovery experience. As the North Texas Representative for Celebrate Recovery, he works with other churches to establish and grow CR ministries. Darrell is also involved with after-prison care and serves as a volunteer for the Salvation Army’s recovery program at their residential treatment center.

Brown Alford - Ministry Leader

Brown is an integral part of the CR worship team as the Ministry Leader.  He is also a small group leader and a step study leader. Brown struggled through his parents’ divorce as a teenager, escaping through alcohol and sex. Then, as an adult, he experienced his own divorce, losing his job and being diagnosed as “chemically imbalanced” all in the same year. After beginning to attend CR and becoming involved in a step study, Brown “hit a wall” in lesson 3—the lesson was about hope and he felt as if he had absolutely none. Regardless Brown continued his step study and attending the open share group; slowly he began to notice a change. He now has hope because God’s work in his life through CR.

Karen Warren - Women's Ministry leader

Karen Warren began attending Celebrate Recovery at Willow Bend in late 2012.  After many years of alcohol abuse, she didn’t recognize herself. She describes herself at that time as “hopeless, deeply afraid, ashamed and lost.”  Karen began working the program with the help of a sponsor and step study group.  She believes that once she acknowledged her need for God, and asked Him to help her, it was then her recovery truly began.  Karen now serves as a small group leader and provides sponsorship to other women.  

aimee Edwards - training coach

Aimee Edwards began her recovery process at Willow Bend Celebrate Recovery in January of 2014.  As a result, she has experienced healing in her life, leading to her success in overcoming alcohol addiction and a tendency toward people pleasing. Since joining the leadership team, Aimee oversees orientation, leads a small group and provides sponsorship for other women.  Aimee's heart to serve stems from her gratitude to God for using her weakness to glorify Him.  She is serving Him because He saved her from herself.

Darlene maxham - encourager coach

Darlene Maxham began her CR recovery in 2013. Having attended as a supportive spouse she began to see how her codependency and trust issues negatively affected every aspect of her life. Fear of the unknown overwhelmed her and left her lost and ineffective in her walk with Christ. Darlene began to focus through the CR program on her issues and with the support of her step study leaders, sponsor, and faithful accountability partners began to heal from the worry-filled ineffective life she was living. She joyfully serves as the encouragement coach, small group leader, and sponsor to other women.

Robin powers - assimilation coach

Robin started attending Celebrate Recovery at Willow Bend in 2013 when the struggle with child hood abuse and anger became overwhelming.  Life was just a trial of endurance with the understanding she could not stuff all her emotions and continue as if she was a robot any longer.  Now after several step studies she is celebrating the ability to see herself as unique and loved.  She has also been enjoying the freedom of giving back to both Celebrate Recovery and Willow Bend Church in different ways.